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3 Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage - Why You Need To Get A Massager Now

In this post, we will talk about three benefits of deep tissue massage, telling you why this method of recovery is something that you must try, especially if you are training hard. By the time you finish reading the post, you will want to buy a deep tissue massager, and start relaxing those tight muscles today, so stay tuned.


Benefit #1: Fixes That Nagging Pain

Deep tissue massage is an excellent way to treat chronic pain caused by injuries and overuse of muscles. When you injure or tweak your muscle sometimes, it gets scared, which later causes issues such as pain and limited mobility. If you don't address that, things worsen over time, and your limited mobility leads to even more potential injuries.

Because deep tissue massage penetrates so deeply, it is able to break up scar tissue, which will reduce tension in your muscles, restoring mobility. This increased mobility will improve your workouts overall, as you will be able to do exercises with a full range of motion.


Benefit #2: Improves Circulation And Reduces Inflammation

When knots and scar tissue form, they disrupt the normal blood flow in the muscle. This can not only cause pain, but poor circulation also prevents your muscle from getting the necessary nutrients, inhibiting proper recovery.

Deep tissue massage is so effective that its results can be compared to non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, as studies show. In other words, when it comes to fighting local inflammation, deep tissue massage can be a valuable weapon.

When you start working on breaking up muscle knots and scar tissue, whether by visiting a massage therapist or buying a massage gun, you will soon notice improvements. Not only that your pain will go away, but the restored circulation will help your muscles heal better, which will help your performance, and reduce the number of injuries.


Benefit #3: Feels Good

While deep tissue massage is often anything but relaxing, the fact is that you will feel great once the session is done. Any type of massage is a great way to reduce stress, and deep tissue massage is no different.

Plus, knowing that you are doing something good for your body even outside the gym is a story of its own. You will feel much better knowing that you are not just waiting for the pain to go away, or in other words, waiting for the injury to happen. No, you are doing something proactively, fixing those small nagging pains you've had for years, returning your body back to normal.


Deep tissue massage is an excellent way to release muscle tension and get rid of knots and scar tissue. The good news is that you don't need a professional massage therapist to perform deep tissue massage, you can do it at home too.

Our Booster Pro 3 Muscle Massager is an incredibly powerful device that has multiple attachments/tips you can use for treating muscles in every part of your body. Its pistol shape lets you manipulate it easily, maintaining full control as you perform the massage.

However, if you need something more portable but still very powerful, we recommend Booster Pokebot Muscle Massager. This small massager is an ideal travel partner, and you can carry it with you all the time. Yes, it is small in size and lightweight, but it has more than enough strength to release deep muscle tension.

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