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Booster Hong Kong

Booster V-necz

Booster V-necz

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After daily heavy work or training, the trapezius muscle is damaged for a long time, resulting in bad postures such as shrugging and hunchback caused by tightness and stiffness of the trapezius muscle. Thick trapezius muscles not only cause shoulder and neck pain, but also affect the appearance of the shoulders. Booster makes it easier for you to massage the shoulder and neck muscles, relax the trapezius muscles, and exercise the sultry right-angled shoulders in a scientific way. With the heat infiltrating into the texture, let the collapsed muscles slowly relax. For users who are tired and afraid of cold, hot compress massage is particularly comfortable and relaxing. The low-frequency TENS pulse technology is used to block the transmission of pain signals. The EMS technology combines specific frequency conversion to make muscles contract and relax, deeply exercise muscles and awaken vitality.

  • The lightweight design fits your neck and shoulders so you can relax at any time.
  • 4 kinds of simulated realistic massage techniques to comfortably relieve shoulder and neck fatigue.
  • 10-level massage frequency conversion mode, from gentle to strong, you can choose.
  • 2 control modes, including remote control and buttons.
  • TENS+EMS double pulse technology deeply relieves trapezius muscle fatigue.
  • The matte material is used to make the hand feel higher and more noble.

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