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What To Look For When Buying A Deep Tissue Massage Gun ?

In this post, we will give you some criteria you need to watch out for when buying a deep tissue massage gun. There are a lot of manufacturers and models on the market already, with new ones coming out frequently, and choosing the right massager can be tough, which is why we are here to help, so stay tuned.


Criteria #1: Strength And Speed

To penetrate deep into the tissue, the massage gun you choose needs to have enough strength. Without this, you will only get regular treatment and not a deep-tissue massage.

But speed is important too. To break up the scar tissue, the massager needs to hit the same spot over and over again rapidly, as it will be much more effective. But, it is much better to have a massager that hits a bit harder than the one that hits a bit faster, so the speed is only secondary, but it still matters.

Ideally, you will want to pick a massage gun that lets you choose various speed levels. For example, our Booster Pro 3 Muscle Massager has four different speed levels, which is more than enough for anybody part.

Booster Massage Gun Pokebot


Criteria #2: Removable Attachments

You want to buy a deep tissue massager with many attachments. These tips allow you to select the one that is optimal for the body part you are trying to treat.

Some tips are great for applying as much pressure as possible, while others are for larger areas. Also, some massagers recommend using the "heads" cold, in order to numb the pain even further.

But, in short, the more heads a massager has, the better, as it gives you more options and flexibility.


Criteria #3: Size And Weight

Size and weight are important not only for portability but for the ease of use too. If your massager is too big and too heavy, you will not be as comfortable using it. You won't be able to reach certain areas if the device is too big, and your hands will get tired quicker if the massager is too heavy.

Our Booster Pokebot Muscle Massager is a perfect example and proves how a massager can be small, lightweight, but very powerful at the same time. Because of its small size, you can carry the Pokebot with you all the time, even while traveling. This will improve your mobility and circulation on the go, so no need to skip workouts just because you feel tight.


Deep tissue massage guns are an excellent addition to a fitness inventory of anyone who is taking their health seriously. These devices are incredibly convenient and allow you to treat those muscle knots and break up scar tissue, all from the comfort of your home.

That is why we think that getting a massage gun is an investment worth making, as getting a quality model helps you stay pain-free in years to come.

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