Foam Roller Vs. Massage Gun Vs. Massage Therapist - Which One To Choose?

Foam Roller Vs. Massage Gun Vs. Massage Therapist - Which One To Choose?

This article will compare two massage methods, telling you the benefits of each, but also some drawbacks. By the time you finish reading this short post, you will have a much better idea which method will work for you, whether a foam roller, a massage gun, or visiting a massage therapist.


Foam Roller - A Budget Solution

Foam rollers are very affordable, which makes them a good entry point to anyone who is looking to get into releasing deep muscle tension and taking care of scar tissue.

Also, foam rollers are great for working on your mobility, as you are required to stay in certain poses for prolonged periods, which will definitely improve your range of motion.

Lastly, foam rollers are a great way to work on your back muscles as you can lie on top of them, releasing tension in hard-to-reach areas.

However, foam rollers have some significant limitations. First, they are not precise enough. Foam rollers have a large surface, which makes it very hard to get to some spots, especially around your joints, such as hips and shoulders.

Also, when foam rolling, you are limited by your bodyweight. Sure, in certain positions, you can hold a weight over your chest, but that isn't always possible, and further complicate things. Therefore, foam rolling might not be the best choice for releasing muscle tension in your whole body.


Deep Tissue Massage Gun - A Powerful DIY Massage Method

Deep tissue massage guns like Booster Pro 3 and Booster Pokebot immediately fix many drawbacks foam rolling has.

First, massage guns let you precisely target muscle knots in any part of your body. That's because their tips have a smaller surface, and plus, you can change them to achieve the desired effect. Because of this, you can reach any muscle, including the small ones surrounding your hips and shoulders.

Also, the fact that tips have smaller areas means that you are able to apply more pressure, treating even the deepest scar tissue. A powerful motor with adjustable speeds will let you comfortably work on the knotted areas, releasing tension.

But, we won't lie, massage guns have some drawbacks too. First, when compared to a foam roller, a quality massage gun is much more expensive. However, because it will get you a professional-level massage from the comfort of your home, it is well worth the money. Second, deep tissue massage guns make it a bit tough to reach certain areas in your upper and middle back. To do that, you will need to ask a friend or a family member for help.



Massage Therapy - The Superior, But The Least Convenient Method

Lastly, we have massage therapy. Make no mistake, visiting a professional massage therapist that has a good reputation is the best way to get deep tissue massage. An experienced therapist will know what to do, and will definitely help you release muscle tension.

But, this comes at an extremely high cost. You will have to visit a therapist multiple times to treat those knots and scar tissue, and you will have to continue doing that to make sure they don't reappear. Plus, you actually have to schedule appointments and go there, making therapy the most expensive, and least convenient method.


Massage is very important for any athlete, and your job is to do it regularly, whichever method you choose. Ideally, you will use foam rollers, massage guns, and go to professional massage therapy from time to time. But, if you have to choose, we suggest that you pick a massage gun. Booster massage guns give you the best of both worlds, as you get a professional-level massage without the need to leave your home or schedule any appointments.


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